Trump Shocked Washington DC With His Last Statement!

President Trump just laughed in the faces of all Washington D.C. establishment with a powerful statement! He “nominated” unofficially and important possible change in the Senate.

The popular NFL Legend, Hershel Walker might be a possible pro-Trump candidate for a seat in the Senate. These days we all know that Trump’s nominees would destroy any other opponent from the RINO GOP establishment.

This is how Trump announced Walker’s possible nomination:

Herschel is an outstanding NFL legend who has more than 20 years of experience. He won the 1982 Heisman Trophy. He played in many powerful teams including New Jersey Generals, a team once owned by President Trump himself. He even affirmed himself in other sports as well.

Right after Trump’s announcement, Walker also responded. His response was followed by thousands of people who read his powerful message!

As expected, this inflamed the Democrats and they used this chance to launch attacks against him. The reason that caused a whole new drama in DC is the TRUMP COIN.

This little item proved to be a huge issue for the fraudulent leftists. Pelosi even decided to ask for a complete ban of the Trump Coin:

After our little research, we concluded that this coin is worth fighting for. Namely, Democrats hate it because it is a token of TRUTH and VICTORY.

By buying this coin, patriots make an oath that they remember who REALLY WON the 2020 election and they will keep it until the next victory in 2024.

Experts claim that these coins are now a “hot property” because it is expected to skyrocket in price until 2024.

It seems that conservatives have fallen in love with these items and they have been flying off the shelves.

But if the Democrats are successful, you won’t be able to find these coins anymore…

Which means that their price will go up at least 400%!

This is why Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats felt agitated by this powerful coin. IT IS THE MESSENGER THAT SHOUTS IT OUT LOUD- TRUMP IS COMING BACK!

Hurry up and buy this coin. The quantities are limited because many people rushed to buy. You can see their comments below: